Fujifilm’s thermoforming solution sets new standards in the plastic industry and opens up new avenues for MiMtec



UK based plastic former MiMtec has placed an order for Fujifilm’s Acuity Advance Select wide format printer with Uvijet KV inks to exploit the benefits offered by digital inkjet technology. The high quality print and short-run capabilities were the distinctive features that prompted MiMtec to invest in the Fujifilm’s unique thermoforming solution.

Mark Waring, managing director at MiMtec, explains: “We have extensive experience in vacuum and pressure forming and always stay abreast of technology advances. Fuji’s innovative Digital print solution provides a cost-effective process to create branded items and will give us the chance to create bespoke, branded objects in shorter runs with much lower set-up costs than are typical of screen printing.”

MiMtec specialises in printing and moulding plastic sheets to create POP & displays, 3D backdrops and 3D vending machine branded cladding upto 1.2 x 2.3 metres. Mark highlights: “Fujifilm is the only print equipment manufacturer offering an advanced digital inkjet solution to print onto plastic substrates that can be formed into 3D shapes. We were particularly impressed by the performance and stretching capabilities demonstrated by Fujifilm’s Uvijet KV inks. They don’t crack during the thermoforming process and maintain high quality and vivid colours without any compromise to the print speed.”

He concludes: “We are looking forward to integrating Fujifilm’s Acuity Advance Select printer and Uvijet KV inks into our production environment. We are confident that the system will extend our range of services with branded promotional solutions and open up new business opportunities in the world of plastic forming.”