TRESU introduces Flexo Kit metallic ink unit for high-speed digital folding carton printing lines


Kolding, Denmark, 27 February 2017: TRESU Group introduces a compact flexo printing unit for rapid application of high-gloss metallic finishes on to digitally printed folding cartons. TRESU Flexo Kit is specially designed for integration into a production line that features a HP Indigo 30000 digital press and a TRESU iCoat coater.

Using printing sleeves and featuring a dedicated anilox roll, chambered doctor blade and pump, the Flexo Kit unit provides a separate uncontaminated supply system for gold, silver, aerodyne, and other special-effect coating finishes.


TRESU Flexo Kit is used to apply special finishes such as metallic effects (shown in this photograph) to the folding carton package.


The unit is fine-tuned to the unique flow and drying characteristics of metallic inks, so ink can be applied at speeds of up to 4600 sheets per hour, equivalent to maximum printer and coater speeds. The pumps and chamber doctor blade provide an enclosed ink flow throughout the unit, allowing tight regulation of viscosity and pressure, and preventing foaming. Its automatic cleaning facility means ink changes can take place in minutes. Additionally, the unit’s anilox rolls feature elongated cells to handle relatively large particles without clogging.

Flexo Kit is built for fast integration into existing iCoat units, and can be specified for inclusion on new machine orders.

Kim Krintel, vice-president, TRESU DigitalSolutions, comments: “Metallic inks are an essential requirement for folding carton niches such as chocolates and confectionery, and flexo is the ideal process for achieving the high-gloss effect. TRESU Flexo Kit enables digital converters to add this high-value embellishment with minimal extra logistics, inline and at fast speeds.”


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